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Mr. Bailey began his career as a lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio for seven years, where he specialized in real estate and complex business transactions.


In 1978 Jim Bailey was Executive Vice President of the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens National Football League franchises. In that capacity, he was responsible for all the business, financial and legal operations of those teams, including the relocation of the Cleveland Browns’ franchise to become the Baltimore Ravens in 1996. As the chief business administrator of those organizations, Mr. Bailey directed a staff of more than 100, obtained and managed all financing for the teams, and negotiated player contracts. He was the team’s primary liaison for understanding and implementing the NFL Player Salary Cap when that system was implemented in 1994, and developed a thorough grasp of the Cap and its impact on team operations.


After his tenure with the NFL teams, in 1999, Mr. Bailey became the Chief Executive Officer of Manchester Resorts, a San Diego based resort and hotel developer and operator. In that capacity he directed operations of its flagship property, the Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel in downtown San Diego, as well as the development of all new properties.


In 2001, Mr. Bailey left Manchester Resorts to return to the sports industry. He established a consulting practice serving clientele in the sports business, including both team owners and local authorities, primarily in connection with the construction and financing of new or renovated venues – stadiums, ballparks and arenas. Mr. Bailey undertook such consulting assignments both on his own behalf as well as in conjunction with Brailsford & Dunlavey (B&D), one of the nation’s largest project facilitators.


Upon completion of formal education at DePaul University in Chicago, majoring in business administration, Mr. Miller attended The New York Institute of Finance in New York City.


From 1974-1982 Mr. Miller was a Registered Representative with Hornblower, Weeks, Hemphill Noyes. Areas of expertise included sophisticated hedging and arbitrage techniques, and advanced options trading. Also during this period Mr. Miller taught Securities and Investments, Advanced Investment Strategies, Portfolio Management, and Corporate Finance at Prairie State College, Governors State University, and Triton College. He also served as Chairman of Board of Directors for the prestigious Tolentine Seminary and Retreat.


From 1982-2003 Mr. Miller was President and CEO of William Miller Associates. The company’s primary focus was to assist companies with the development of reorganization plans, capitalization strategies, marketing programs, and financial plans. In addition the company assisted organizations with new project development and the preparation of disclosure documents. In 1998 Mr. Miller was asked to be one of ten keynote speakers at the Annual Stadium Development Conference held in San Francisco. Attended by representatives of the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, and various government and financial institutions, financial concepts were presented that enable professional sports stadiums to be built debt free without the need for taxes or municipal financing used by most major cities.


In 2003 Mr. Miller semi-retired.


Ms. Bays attended the University of Toledo where she majored in Electronics Engineering with a concentration on Computer Networking. She graduated in 1998 as a member of the Dean’s List with a 3.3 GPA. While at the university she also worked with Daniel James Insurance, Custom Comp, the University Of Toledo Department Of Continuing Education and was also an assistant instructor and computer and electronics lab technician. During this time she upgraded workstations, installed various software applications, built ATX systems, installed operating systems, and provided documentation and quality control reports that were used in ensuring continuity and compatibility of all systems. Certifications include Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), considered the standards of the information technology industry.


In 1998 she joined a major law firm headquartered in Toledo, Ohio. During her tenure she has been responsible for project management, administration of active directory and group policy, design and administration of mission-critical databases and applications, design and implementation of workstations and applications, and software auditing. Specialties include but are not limited to Altiris, database query, database report writing, Omega administration, MS office suites, Adobe Acrobat, photo and video production, support and troubleshooting workstations and software applications. In addition to her other duties she also travels to satellite offices where she is responsible for training and rotation of all computer systems every four years.


Mr. Spacone possesses broad functional experience as a real estate and financial consultant in the private sector in the fields of environmental management and corporate and commercial real estate development, with a specific expertise in site location research. In addition, Mr. Spacone possesses expertise in developing and structuring hybrid limited partnerships that enable companies to locate equity investment capital.


Mr. Spacone began his consulting career as a materials specialist with the engineering consulting firm of Novak-Dempsey and Associates and then later as a research assistant with the Louisiana Geological Survey. From 1982 through 1991, Mr. Spacone transitioned into environmental management and consulting in the petrochemical industry as an air quality specialist with CK Associates, LLC and Team, Inc.; as a cartographic consultant with Lee Wilson & Assoc., Inc.; and as a recycling operations manager with Oil Pure Systems Inc.


In 1990, Mr. Spacone took a hiatus from his work in the private sector and traveled to Moscow on a humanitarian cause to assist people most affected by the post-communist economy. Carl served in the former Soviet Union teaching English as a foreign language and facilitating, implementing and participating in various humanitarian aid projects.


In 1997 Mr. Spacone returned to the private sector and served as a corporate analyst and consultant with several major corporations including Sears Holdings (formerly Sears, Roebuck and Co.) and Jones Lang LaSalle. Mr. Spacone’s responsibilities included advising internal clients, directors and capital committees on investments in retail properties (at LaSalle this was the equivalent of 15% of the entire real estate investment portfolio in a given year); advising company research departments on the selection and implementation of geographic and business analytical technologies to monitor and analyze properties in all real estate categories; and working with companies, including PepsiCo, BP and U.S. Cellular Corporation, to improve reporting and process flow analysis through the use of business analytical software while lending project support to the implementation of several major company initiatives (U.S. Cellular).


Mr. Spacone holds a B.A. in geography from Louisiana State University, a RSA/UCLES certification in teaching English as a foreign language from St. Giles College of London, England (Royal Society of Arts/University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate) and has completed graduate-level work in international business at Roosevelt University in Illinois.



Gary Verrill has spent his 45-year professional career devoted to performing and designing artistic endeavors centered on music and multimedia presentation.


In 1974 Mr. Verrill was the youngest director of the national touring troupe "Up With People" that utilized America’s youth in a musical traveling good will ambassadorship throughout the world. He was responsible to cast, rehearse and deliver this program in large performance arenas with 60 thousand seats, to smaller settings of less than 1000 attendees. Over his tenure, this 90 minute original show was directed by Mr. Verrill and performed live in front of more than a million people including 2 standing US presidents, and 7 other leaders of foreign countries, accomplishing 2200 shows in 14 months’ time including 2 super bowl halftimes for a television audience estimated in the multiple millions. For this work Gary was awarded the Who’s Who in American Youth when he was 17 years old.


In 1978 Mr. Verrill began a 2 year touring schedule that included performances at the MGM grand in Las Vegas, Rainbow room and Radio city Music Hall in NYC and a week at the Hollywood Bowl, Kentucky Derby, Freedom Hall in Philadelphia, and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. as part of the 1978 centennial celebration. Mr. Verrill's responsibilities included assembling and rehearsing a 20-piece studio orchestra and then conducting this group in a live performance while also playing piano for the shows. This run also included multiple television appearances on Johnny Carson tonight show, and also included performances on the Mike Douglas and Merv Griffin daytime talk shows working with Doc Severson big band, and the Ray Brown orchestra.


For over 25 years, Gary has performed, produced, and released 100’s of record industry product. Too many to name individually, Mr. Verrill has appeared on many of the labels that have etched the American musical tapestry over the last 4 decades.


At the same time, Gary created and managed over 20 original productions including: The Searcher 1989, The Dreamer 1992, Road 1994, Roar of Love featuring 2nd Chapter of acts 1996, Evening of Joy 2000, Miner Miracle 2001, Challenger 7 2002, Perfect Stranger 2003, Scribble 4.0 2004, Scribble 4.1 2005, Scribble 4.2 2009, and Christmas Delivered 2006,7,8,9.


In 1966, he graduated from the St. Joseph Hospital of Respiratory Therapy (Lancaster, PA) with honors and founded a department of Respiratory Therapy at Lancaster Osteopathic Hospital. In 1968, he was hired by St. Joseph Hospital as Technical Director of Respiratory Therapy as well as academic and clinical instructor for the School of Respiratory Therapy.


In 1969, Mr. Kreider co-founded Lancaster County Respirator Service, a company which provided respiratory therapy services to patients in the home. He sold his share of that business to the other partners approximately 20 years later. In 1971, he purchased Breathing Services, Inc., a company that sold, rented and serviced Respiratory Therapy equipment and supplies to hospitals and home care patients in Central Pennsylvania. That business grew over the years to include all of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. In 1992, he purchased M & P Medical (Orchard Park, NY), another company which sold respiratory care products in the upper state New York area.


In 1996, Mr. Kreider sold Breathing Services and M & P Medical and was retained as Vice President of Technology. The company was merged with 11 other similar companies all across the country to form Critical Care Concepts. It was Mr. Kreider’s responsibility to combine the data from all their computers onto one central computer network. By the end of 2001 his services were no longer needed and he retired.


While owning and managing his respiratory companies, Mr. Kreider acquired his Airline Transport Pilot license and multi-engine and instrument ratings. He used corporate airplanes in the course of business and after his retirement has flown Angel Flights using his airplane to assist those who cannot fly on commercial airliners due to severe medical conditions. Since his retirement he invested in a variety of business endeavors as a silent partner or banker but kept his time available for boards and committees of non-profit organizations.



Dr. Spacone is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine. He completed his undergraduate education at Marquette University in 1968 and entered the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee in 1968, graduating with a Doctor of Medicine degree in 1972. In 1992, Dr. Spacone also earned a Masters of Business degree in the Executive Program at the University Of Chicago Graduate School Of Business.


During his career, Dr. Spacone has been responsible for budgeting, personnel management, program development, quality assessment, process improvement, building design and renovation, and the development and implementation of information systems, policy, procedures and strategic planning. He has participated in the evaluation and selection of communications and information systems and has been active in the American College of Emergency Physicians as a member and chairman of the Finance Committee, Chairman of the Task Force on Procedural Terminology, a member of the National Health Finances Committee Task Force on the Policy Statement on Managed Care, an Oral Board Examiner for the American Board of Emergency Medicine, a faculty member and Assistant Professor at the Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine/University of Illinois Affiliated Hospitals, a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians, a Council Representative and member of the Council Steering Committee for the Illinois College of Emergency Physicians, and a President and Treasurer of the Illinois College of Emergency Physicians. He also served on the Finance, Reimbursement, Economics, and Credentials Committees for the Illinois Combined Scientific Assembly.


Further, as a member of the Chicago Medical Society, Dr. Spacone served on the Chicago Hospital Council helping develop programs for various treatment policies which eventually were adopted as legislation. As a member of the Illinois Medical Society he worked on the Council of Affiliate Societies as a Representative for Emergency Medicine. Dr. Spacone is also the recipient of the Bill B. Smiley Meritorious Service Award from the Illinois College of Emergency Physicians and has lectured and taught residents, nurses, nurse practitioners and emergency medicine technicians at various hospitals throughout the country.